The campaign to launch the Sky show Dating No Filter had, as its stars, celebrities transformed into Cupids.

The project had to be turned around quickly. As anyone who has previous experience of photographing babies will know, ASAP is not the ideal timeframe for snapping infants, let alone for securing permissions and rights, etc.


Making babies

So we created the Cupids in CGI. To heighten the surreal nature of the imagery, we decided not to go for a hyper-realistic look. Instead, we gave everything a stylised, almost ceramic quality. First, we sculpted a posable Cupid which then served as a template for the others. All objects and items of clothing were treated as separate elements. They were then combined with the finished poses. The body of each Cupid was adjusted so that it was consistent with the skin tone of the celeb whose head was about to adorn it.


Frankenstein’s cherubim

The images of the heads were prepared with cosmetic retouching. This meant the chubby rolls of skin on the Cupids (no offence, guys) matched the skin of the celebs’ faces. We grafted the over-sized heads on to the bodies to create the distinctive and humorous caricatures that appeared in online digital comms and OOH.


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