Us: We’re off on a shoot to Arizona for Panasonic!

Covid regs: Oh no, you’re not.

We hardly needed another reason to hate coronavirus, but we got one anyway. Necessity being the mother of invention, we gave the creation of this integrated campaign for BRAVE some lateral thinking. And we came up with a solution that could be provided by our capture studio and 3D department. By researching the terrain and using existing images of it as a starting point, we replicated the Arizonan landscape.


Made to measure

An advantage of building from scratch was that we were able to cover off all the angles we needed. And every element could be positioned where it worked best. As well as this 3D CGI landscape, we filmed and photographed a model against a green screen for both stills and video.

Good heavens

The importance of our vast, manufactured sky can’t be overstated. A fusion of 3D simulation and matte painting, it gave the scene a dramatic, cinematic look. Perfect for highlighting the picture quality of Panasonic’s OLED and LED TVs. Once composited and graded, the “See it all. Feel it all” concept ran across print, POS and digital comms. It dramatised the way Panasonic can transport viewers way beyond their sofas.

Just as creating the work had, if only virtually, transported us way beyond our studio.

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