Many people with kidney disease suffer from relentless itching. They feel trapped in their own skin.  

Through our partnership with Swordfish for Viform Pharma’s “Let your itch be heard” campaign, we created work that would encourage those suffering in silence to speak out. It featured scratches on an actor’s body that moved like sound-waves. 


Close-up photography was taken of our actor’s skin where the sound-wave “tattoo” would be applied. We could then customise the pigmentation and bleed so that the registration and legibility were perfect.  

To allow flexibility with framing, we created a variety of tattoo sizes. These were applied directly to the actor by special-effects make-up artists. Other abrasions were applied to give us a few options in post-production.  

Always prepared 

We did plenty of R&D before the shoot. And together with the agency, we ensured the story would be faithfully told from a patient’s point of view.  

After taking an audio recording of the words “Speak out. Speak up”, we animated the resulting sound-wave. 


No room for error 

The video had to be shot in one continuous take. And completed in a day. So we opted for a 12K camera – allowing us to create the camera move in post. To comp the sound-wave to a mobile and elastic area of skin, we put tracking  markers on the actor’s shoulder.  

To complete the hard-hitting message, subtitles were animated into the video.


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