We were approached by our friends Allison and Partners to help launch Dexcom’s new product the G7. A medical sensor the size of a coin that provides the latest in technological advances allowing the user to self-monitor their own glucose levels continuously and on the go.

To showcase the launch of this revolutionary piece of tech we started developing different mood boards to give us the creative direction and building blocks to move into the style of animation. Taking on board the key messaging a storyboard was developed giving timings and temp to the video sequence. On approval we moved into the animatic stage using the original CAD data of the product to help define the angles and movement of the product within the scenes, giving the client a good sense of what the final video would look like.

Once we had approval from the animatic, we could then go into the finer detail of lighting and surface detail. Tweaking the temp and speed gave us an elegant and informative final launch video with key messaging throughout.

DEXCOM SB 19oct (1)

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